Mechanical parts

Because we produce highly complex mechanical parts in hand-mold casting, for pump housings for example.

Even manufacturers of wind turbine generators are relying on our mechanical parts as our torque supports in the generators ensure stable operation of the wind turbines. Other examples from our product range include complex pressure cylinders for compressors and turbochargers.

"Quality begins
          in my hand"

Mustafa AYDIN, Foreman cupola furnace


Housing: EN-GJS-200
Casting weight: 300kg

Equipment rack: EN-GJL-300
Casting weight: 520kg

Intermediate flange
Casting weight: 700kg

Pump housing for mining
Casting weight: 4.500 kg

Mounting bracket, EN-GJS-600
Casting weight: 300kg

Flywheel housing
Casting weight: 600kg

Carriage: EN-GJS-500-7
Casting weight: 1.400kg

Machine stand: EN-GJS-500-7
Casting weight: 5.000kg


Most of the high-precision cast parts for mechanical engineering are produced by hand. The highly qualified employees ensure absolute precision in this sensitive process of making original molds.

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