Innovation, research and design

Gienanth is ready to be your collaboration partner with highest competence, starting in the development phase. This cooperation enables your idea into a tangible product that we will cast for you while offering great weight and money-saving potential.

Our experience, competence, and passion result in an optimum application. We're at your service in all phases: From the idea to the design through casting and processing.

          for our customer"

Andreas WENZ, Head of R&D Hand-molded Casting Development

Gienanth – your innovation partner

Gienanth is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cast iron products. But we can do more than just cast iron - we are your innovation partner when it comes to developing new solutions! Backed by our many years of experience, know-how, and competence in the production of cast iron parts, we give decisive impetus even in the development phase.

Tailored to your needs

From the idea through the design to the final product, we look forward to working with you together with design engineers, engineering offices, foundries, and pattern makers.

Our goal: We strive for weight and cost-reduced implementation coupled with consistent high quality. Our input makes the casting process extremely economical.

Consulting, research and development

We will support you as a competent partner and, together with you, develop a feasible and economical application based on your ideas.

Individual production

We will implement your product plans - always custom-fit and in top quality. Our activities do not end with production phase: Our range of services covers also finishing, coating, and pre-assembly including supplying spare parts.

Individual production

What you can expect:

The individual production begins in the consulting and development phases and not just with the production of the first cast iron part. When our design engineers determine which cores can be reused several times, they do so in order to exactly produce your cast parts even more economically.

This is what we mean by advice that begins with listening carefully. We adopt your requirements and incorporate our experience right from the start.

Development is a process that is based not only on our experience. With the help of modern IT-based processes such as the solidification simulation, we optimize the production of each and every cast part.

We are motivated by your success.

Consulting, research and development

From the initial idea to the defined concept

We know what you need: A solution in casted iron that closes the one gap in your production chain. It has to be perfect for your end product and gives you the decisive advantage over your competitors. This is your concept.

And this is where Gienanth comes in. This is where your idea is transformed into a new product with our competence and expertise. We incorporate our know-how and our experience directly in the development phase in order to make your new part optimally and therefore more weight and cost-efficient.

As an innovation partner we work with engineering offices, foundries, and experts to ensure that the product you require is produced efficiently.

What can we do for you?

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