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Using the hand-mold casting method, we produce technical sophisticated parts such as engine blocks. These crankcases are used in large-bore oil and gas engines.

Our castings are the basis of engines that constantly deliver high performance: In Power generators for local power supplies, power plants or ship engines to as well as in locomotives and other large industrial vehicles.

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Jutta HAAG, Hand-molded Casting Sales


Engine block: V12, GJL-300
Casting weight: 950kg

Engine block: V16, EN-GJS-500-7
Casting weight: 1,800kg

Engine block: V20, GJL-300
Casting weight: 2,400kg

Cylinder head: EN-GJL-250
Casting weight: 170kg

Engine block: V16, GJL-300
Casting weight: 2,350kg

Engine block: V16, GJL-300
Casting weight: 1,800kg

Engine block: V24, EN-GJS-400-15
Casting weight: 7,200kg

Oil pan: EN-GJS-400-15
Casting weight: 330kg


The high-precision cast parts for large-bore engines are made by hand. Our highly qualified employees ensure absolute precision in this sensitive process.

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