Machine-mold casting

Many well-known automobile manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry rely on our machine-mold cast parts.
For good reason: We always deliver top quality on time.

Our portfolio of machine-mold cast products includes differential gear shafts, brake housings, ring nuts, oil pump housings, crankshaft bearing covers, flywheels, hubs, and much more.

"Drive fast and
          deliver safely"

Dietmar SCHUMACHER, Forklift Operator

Machine-mold cast parts Made By Gienanth

Gienanth mastered the fully automatic machine-mold casting process to perfection many years ago and continues to optimize the process.

The lost mold is formed by pressing the sand between two movable model plates, which is then filled with liquid iron. After cooling, the sand and cast are automatically separated and chilled. The workpieces are then separated, cleaned and finished.

Our five state-of-the-art lines are capable of producing castings weighting between 0.5 and 20 kg in fully automated series operation. The available yearly machine-mold casting capacity is up to approx. 80,000 tons for components with maximum dimensions of 750 x 570 x 330 mm. We process gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, compacted graphite cast iron and, even special materials according to the requirements of our customers.

Molding facilities at Gienanth:

1 Disamatic D3-Z-555
(Mold dimensions: 750 x 570 mm)

1 Disamatic GFD 231 Z
(Mold dimensions: 750 x 550 mm)

2 Disamatic GFD 230 B
(Mold dimensions: 650 x 535 mm)

1 Disamatic 2013 MK5 B
(Mold dimensions: 650 x 535 mm)

Core making at Gienanth:

3 cold boxes
(1 x 12 liters and 2 x 25 liters)


The production of the best cast iron parts begins with melting. Scrap and recycling materials are the basis for molding the new workpieces.