Hand-molded casting

Always perfect at Gienanth

Precision and craftsmanship are essential especially for hand-mold casting. Our specialized employees are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and huge of experience that enable them to produce top quality hand-mold casting parts.

Our long-standing customers appreciate our expertise. Whether housings for compressors, pumps, transmissions, or turbines - you receive top quality in line with absolute delivery reliability.

"A river of iron
          For the sea of quality"

Jürgen MATTHEIS, Melt Shop Operator

Hand-molded casting from Gienanth means top quality worldwide

The hand-mold casting process is needed for casting particularly complex geometries - and even for the smallest lots. The hand-mold casting process involves manually compacting the cold-resin sand to create a model in a flask.

Efficiently producing cylinder crankcases in series is one of our outstanding areas of specialization. These are used in engines that are implemented in following applications:

  • For local power supplies
  • For power engines in general
  • For stationary industrial applications

We are able to produce hand-mold cast parts weighing from 500 kg to 12,500 kg at a yearly capacity of up to 39,000 tons. Depending on requirement, the materials we use include gray iron, ductile cast iron, compacted graphite cast iron, as well as special materials.

Core making at Gienanth:

4 beta sets
(2 x 65 liters and 2 x 250 liters)

1 beta set - chromium ore
(two 40-liter shooting heads)

1 beta set - chromium ore
(two 65-liter shooting heads)

Core production in Fronberg:

7 cold box
(12 - 500 liters)

Hand cores
(up to 3,000 kg)


Melt shop technology

The production of the best cast iron parts begins with melting. Scrap and recycling materials are the basis for molding the new workpieces.