Start of Construction for New Training Workshop

Gienanth invests in new state-of-the-art training and apprenticeship workshop in a historical heritage protected builing. The project is themed "Saving History - Shaping Future".

Preparational works for the construction project on the company site started on June, 4th, such as Clearing and Gutting of the interior (in accordance with the city council of construction and environment's order of the city of Eisenberg, dating May 17th 2018). Of greatest interest is the preservation according to heritage protection of the one and very oldest industrial site in the State of Rheinland-Pfalz, that is still running production.

The Gienanth management board under the chairmanship of CEO Dr. Hans-Jürgen Brenninger sets a clear signal with a strong invest in future generations and with the decision for ongoing intern education and training of badly needed high-skilled workers and employees from our region. Summed up with the project budget, Gienanth all over investments of 2018 succeed over 6 Million Euro.

With a project scope of nearly one Million Euro, former worker's dwellings will be thoroughly reconstructed, focussing on the compliance to heritage preservation orders for the future usage as ultra-modern training workshop. Additionally, invests are planned for equipment and other facilities of the educational roomings.

The educational programm includes apprenticeships for industrial mechanics, foundry engineers, industrial sales representatives, IT-specialists, plant technicians and modellers. Newly formed is the programm for the apprenticeship as electronics engineer. With this, the first step to the new idea of the Gienanth Akademie is made, offering a broad support for regional businesses and factories by providing enough room and programs to train and educate extern apprenticées from other regional companies and therewith strengthen regional cooperations an successes with joint venture trainings.

In the year 1818, Ludwig von Gienanth, ordered the errection of a new two-story building vis-à-vis the Gienanth familiy's manor house to create space for 10 company appartments, that have been in use until the 1980's. Two of the historcial precious appartments will be preserved and reconstructed in the historic way to honor the monument's interesting heritage.